The Propeller Project

A civic enterprise
dedicated to creating Maine’s next economy.

Current Projects

One of the cornerstone assumptions of Harpswell Coastal Academy’s approach to educating our grade 6-12 students is that our young people have good ideas and that the work of our teachers and our community is to make it easy – perhaps even inevitable – for those ideas to see the light of day.

To that end, we – our staff and our community partners – develop hands-on projects that provide opportunities for students to engage in – or in many cases, to discover – something they’re interested in and want to make their own. Below are some examples from our first year that had that effect…success stories at the inspiration level that could develop into jobs, businesses, or research projects that contribute to the long-term economic health and sustainability of coastal Maine.

  • Keep HCA Weird
  • The Engine Room HCA Makers’ Space
  • The Engine Room The HCA Invasives Project
  • Harpswell Boatworks HCA Sailing Education Program
  • The Food Hub Harpswell Heritage Apples and Cider
  • Coastal Commons Harpswell Stories
  • Harpswell Boatworks HCA Boat Reconditioning
  • Coastal Commons HCA TV Studio
  • Coastal Commons HCA Summer Camp
  • The Food Hub SchoolHouse Cafe
  • The Food Hub HCA Community Farm
  • Working Schools Teacher Development