The Propeller Project

A civic enterprise
dedicated to creating Maine’s next economy.

Investing in the Future

There are several ways you, a contributor of particular  can become a part of the future of education:


As an investor, you can choose to embark on your own idea development — a true entrepreneur! — Or you can invest in the continued success of one of our on-going social-enterprise projects. Both of these allow for your to become a part of our educational development at HCA, while simultaneously endeavoring into your own enterprise investment.

Pioneers! Oh Pioneers!

Think of the investment opportunity as a means of advancing not only in your own potential, but also the present and future potential of our creative, imaginable young-minds, and simultaneously progressing the community you love and want to continue improving.



Similar to the investment opportunity at the Propeller Project, you also have the opportunity to donate potential projects, and idea-generators with the intention of inspiring educational opportunities for HCA students.

Have an boat that needs renovation? A motor that needs tinkering? Computer hard drive that needs zapping, land that need could use tilling and developing, or stories that need telling? We want to help you develop these potential ideas, projects, and experiments!