The Propeller Project

A civic enterprise
dedicated to creating Maine’s next economy.

Entrepreneurial Education

An idea, unique and unlike any other, entrepreneurial education is an opportunity for you, for our students, and for the community.

The Propeller Project, harnessing the spirit of entrepreneurialism, aims to provide individuals in the community with the opportunity of investing in an idea/business model/experiment, with the intent of simultaneously developing their project as an educational opportunity for Harpswell Coastal Academy students — this is entrepreneurial education in action.

While pursuing your own interests in social enterprise, the amazing faculty of Harpswell Coastal Academy look to develop educational opportunities from the idea you provide, and make these opportunities to HCA students with the intention of educating while the potential of your idea is realized.

Entrepreneurial education creates not only an opportunity for your creative ideas to take the first step off of the ground, but it provides our students with the experiences necessary to develop their own creative minds — and inevitably their own creative ideas in the future.

Take a look at the ideas we currently have in motion!